Friday, November 30, 2012


By MaryAnne Kolton 
Sly, profane, charming, alcoholic, sensitive, lonely, handsome, addicted to drugs, ballsy, well read, wry, nasty, self-deprecating, savvy, vicious, darkly humorous, vulnerable, cunning, insecure, emotionally damaged, loves his music, melancholy, short-tempered, bookstore lover. 
Jack Taylor or Ken Bruen?  

Do you always tell the truth?

Of course, but bearing in mind Tom Waits dictate
...............Do I tell you the truth or just string you along?
And of course, never allow a little thing like the truth to ruin a good yarn. 
Sean Connery said...........tell them the truth and then it’s their problem.
Now take all the above, add a large dose of incredulity and stir.
I’ve always been a fine ...........stirrer, vital if you intend to write.

There is a rumor making the rounds that one of your ribs was surgically removed, and from this rib Jack Taylor was created.  What are the similarities between you and Jack?

I’m laughing at the notion, great idea.
Jack is based partly on my brother Noel, who was found dead , a homeless alcoholic, in the Australian outback.
Does alcoholism run in our family?
It gallops.
I wanted a character who had my fascination with books, who showed the horror of booze and unlike the other stereotype, did not love ‘His Mammy’
Jack says
‘My mother is a walking bitch’
Jack is the road I might have traveled if I’d another lifetime to squander.
He has alas, my short temper, and love of hurling.