Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Lost Children Charity Anthology including We Sustain by MaryAnne Kolton

Lost Children Charity Anthology is the brainchild of Fiona (McDroll) Johnston, Thomas Pluck and Ron Earl Phillips.
It came about after a challenge was put out by Fiona on Friday Flash Fiction.  She offered to donate £5 for every entry towards   Scotland's Children 1st

Thomas then threw his hat into the ring and matched the donation, with his money going to PROTECT in the USA.  All in all there were over 45 stories.

Then came the idea of using 30 of the best stories and putting them into this anthology.  The great thing about this is that the money earned from the ebook goes to the above charities.

Many thanks to Fiona, Thomas, Ron and all the contributors.  Also, special thanks to Danielle Tunstall for donating the cover photo, and Thomas' better half, Sarah, for designing the book cover.

Remember, you're donating to 2 great charities and getting to read some incredible stories that will stay with you long after
you read them

 We Sustain
by MaryAnne Kolton

Tangled, dark hair, long linen skirt, white shirt and oversized sunglasses, she stood out in the crush of starving people.  Another international celebrity bringing an entourage of paparazzi, into the blistering desert sun.  Hoping to get the rest of the world to pay attention, however scant, to the scenes of death in Somalia.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Five Questions: An interview with Leah Hager Cohen

MAK   Leah, thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to talk to you about your work and your new book, The Grief of Others.  Normally, I tend to binge read.  Finish one book and immediately start another.  However, after reading this one and learning to love these people, I had to stop for a few days and reflect on the depth and beauty I found here.  This is most definitely a story of soul scourging sorrow and its effects on every character.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Give Up?

Many thanks to Dan at Larks Fiction Journal for publishing the flash fiction piece Give Up?

Give Up?
by MaryAnne Kolton

When he burst through the door he yelled, “Police!  Police with a warrant!  Everybody down on the floor!”
His son looked up, rolled his eyes and returned to his study of Middle Eastern social customs. 
His daughter, Jenna, said, “Mom, Dad’s home.”
From the kitchen, Joanie said, “Okay, dinner’s on the table.”

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Legendary posted this story in the September issue of its Fiction Section.  Many thanks to the editors!


by MaryAnne Kolton

           Edwin spotted them the moment he got off the train.  They were all lined up on the platform like show dogs vying for Best of Breed.   
Mama, in an electric blue, polyester pantsuit, her swollen feet in too tight shoes danced  nervous baby steps of anticipation.  Her white knuckled hands twisted themselves into knots.  Sweat rolled down her face from her dyed black hair held back in a ponytail by a glittering red scrunchy.
Marlin, shorter and heavier than he remembered him.  His oldest brother was and always would be a demented bully.  His belly hung over the belt of his work pants and that untrimmed beard wasn’t doing him any favors.  Did he really just spit a big stream of chew on the platform?  Almost hit the bejeweled flip-flops of the heavyset blonde with the split lip and thighs like smoked Virginia Hams encased in jean shorts.  Had to be Marlin’s wife.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Neon published at The Toucan

NEON, one of my very first efforts, since the brilliant and talented James Lloyd Davis encouraged me to begin writing again, appears in both the online and print edition of the The Toucan's lucky #13 edition.  Liz and Laura, two very wonderful, wacky women are so much fun to work with!
                            by MaryAnne Kolton

as she goes about she has no idea of the violet-blue neon sign
flashing on her forehead – needy – off – needy –off
she believes men are attracted to her for herself
she does not understand that the sign
translated into man-speak
flashes – vulnerable – off –vulnerable – off
many mistakes are made
and she is puzzled by the fact that all these associations
end badly